Linking Cameroon Tech Community to the Silicon Valley and Beyond: Seven Dev Community is Born


The Cameroon tech community has been striving over the years for international breakthrough. Our cherished Silicon Mountain has done much to put Cameroon on the map.

The government is trying its best to create a conducive environment for tech initiatives. Has the private sector and Cameroon diaspora done their best already to position Cameroon as the giant of CEMAC in terms of digital technology?

It is within this backdrop of critical rhetoric that the Founder of Seven Advanced Academy Estelle Yomba in one of her working visits to Cameroon together with her colleague from Google Dr. Philippe Gervais endorsed the idea of a developer community in Cameroon.

The mission of the dev community is to provide a platform that will inspire and guide young and established developers in Cameroon to build tech solutions of national and international standards and impact their society. 

In simple terms, the Seven Dev Community is here to connect Cameroonian developers to active tech communities around the world for international mentorship and sponsorship as far as digital technology is concerned. 

The dev community is an initiative of the students of Seven Academy in Douala. Yuwen Eric is the student organizer of the community and this is what he has to say :

“We the students of Seven Academy are privileged to learn software development under a world-class structure and leadership, our mindsets have been transformed and we are proud to be getting the best practical technical training in Cameroon. It is with gratitude therefore that we have organized ourselves to form a community of tech volunteers”. 

“One of the problems we face in Buea Silicon mountain apart from funding and government policy is that we lack mentors at the international level with real-time experience ready to volunteer their time and guide us to develop solutions that can breakthrough globally”.

Says George Enow, founder of Enow Technologies Inc and co-founder of Mungenow properties.

“Seven dev community will actually be the first developers community to be backed by a local institution. So I can say it is the first made in Cameroon Dev and if it can fill the gap then we will all be happy.”

He added. 

Activities of the community

According to the organizing community of the Dev community, membership is opened to all developers in Cameroon and Africa. Instituted activities of the community shall include 

  1. Hackathons
  2. Senior developers open day
  3. Seven all night of code
  4. Seven Dev challenge
  5. Tech enthusiast outreach
  6. Community development volunteerism and many other activities

Privileges members of the community will be opened to include:

  1. Access to senior engineers at Google, eBay, 10000 codeurs (France), etc. who offer to review the code of members’ projects and give tech orientations. 
  2. Access to funding to innovative tech ideas from the network of Seven Group partners.
  3. Access to fully-funded scholarships at Seven Advanced Academy for young developers wanting to obtain hands-on software development skills.
  4. Access to Seven incubation startup for Africa program and many other classified openings. 

To know more about the Seven Dev Community visit their website:

For administrative inquiries contact : +237 658066982 / Chat on WhatsApp.

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