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DIGITAL training programs on cutting-edge technologies

led by expert instructors in a classroom environment 


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get certified from top companies

improve your skills and enhance your credentiAls


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Get a chance to receive seed funding

meet top entreprise leaders and investors to showcase your idea 



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training programs

Grow your own way with in-class training with an elite team of expert instructors.


Enhance your credentials and prove your skills with popular industry certifications.


Foster your growth and success with seed funding from our incubator program.

What We Offer

Seven Advanced Academy is founded by top engineers from the Silicon Valley. It operates as a rigorous technology training institute for aspiring entrepreneurs with the goal of preparing them for the ever-changing tech field. It offers a comprehensive professional development for advancements in application development, big data analytics, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and networking.

Seven Advanced Academy strives to use technology to solve African’s real-world challenges. It is the realization of its founder strategic goal to help students through high-quality digital skills training build strong, innovative, and sustainable businesses to provide solutions for local problems that can contribute to the growth of local economies.

The creative, collaborative environment at Seven Advanced Academy is a crucial factor in how we operate, allowing us to offer you the best possible training. Together, we’ll work with you to design a solution that meets your goals. We are a strong caring community! When you attend Seven Advanced Academy you find yourself in a community of passionate and forward looking professionals with a common life-changing experience. A community of friends, job connections, and support.

  • Bootcamp programs
  • Digital Skills Training
  • Coding Competitions
  • Well Equiped Labs
  • Innovative Curriculum


Learn about the process of applying for a coding bootcamp or training programs at Seven Advanced Academy on our Admissions page.

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Tuition & Scholarships

Our Financing & Tuition page gives details about the costs associated with each bootcamp and training program at Seven Advanced Academy.

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Work Flow


Get admitted into one of our valuable coding bootcamps taught by experienced master instructors.


The best business ideas are selected to be part of Seven Incubator where they receive seed fundings and exceptional mentorship.


Connect with a network of entrepreuneurs and businesses looking to grow their market across the continent.

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innovative ideas

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Advanced Technology

Taking advantage of all technology has to offer

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Learn how to create your own hacking tools with the best programming language that top hackers in the world use (Python). You want to learn how hackers around the world do it? This class is for you. Learn about common vulnerability threats and what you can do to mitigate them.




How long does the bootcamp last



Our bootcamps have 4 phases of 6 months long each, 2 shifts from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 5 p.m to 9 p.m, 3 days a week. You should plan to work on your own a minimum of 20 hours each week as well.



How to prepare for the admission?



In order to apply at Seven Academy, submit an application online or onsite at our main campus in bali, Douala. Then you need to compile the following files:

    • Clear Photocopy of your National ID/card
    • Clear Photocopy of your birth certificate
    • Clear photocopy of your highest degree/diploma or most recent academic transcript
    • Any other professional certificate obtained (Optional)

Then you will be expected to pay an application fee of 20,000 FCFA at our campus in Bali for your application to be processed. See HERE for more info about admission.



Do you offer any other IT trainings apart from application development?

The goal is to be able to provide high quality IT training in most trending fields of technology, but at the moment, we are starting out with web and mobile technologies. We will be adding other relevant IT trainings as we grow over the years. Find out more about this during our orientation sessions going on every Saturday on campus in Bali, Douala.

Can I talk to an enrollment counselor


Absolutely! We encourage you to get in touch with our enrollment team to get your questions answered. If you fill out this form, a member of Seven Advanced Academy will reach out to you within 24 hours.


What is your turn around time?


Once you have picked a start date, you can defer prior to day 1 up to two times, after which you’ll have to reapply to Seven. However, when you enroll, you can choose any future start date listed for your enrollment.


Is the entire cost due before I begin


No. You’ll have to pay a 20,000 FCFA enrollment fee before day 1. Half your tuition is due on day 1, and the second half is due three months into the program and the last, 9 months into the program. The enrollment team will discuss payment structure during the enrollment process.


At Seven Advanced Academy, they really do care about you and your success. I was expecting to learn about software, but I came out with so much more. Attending Seven Advanced Academy has been one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Maria Nono

I wanted to make a change and rewrite the future. Seven Advanced Academy is just not training people; but it is also shaping the next generation of software entrepreneurs. I got tremendous support from very skilled professionals.

Mark Lukong

You go through it, and it’s very challenging, and you’re always pushing yourself harder and harder as each week goes on. And afterwards, I was immediately able to apply that stuff to real world problems and found solutions.

Vanessa Mba

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