In Cameroon, First-year Student in Web Development Discovers a New Way of Studying on YouTube


18-year-old Awa Donacien Mokom is a first-year student in Full-stack web development at Seven Advanced Academy Douala.

He has been noted by many as being “too inquisitive” and “smart to do”. The young tech enthusiast has discovered a new way of studying on YouTube in an innovation he calls 7Youtube.

Seven Academy Lily and Rose computer training labs

7youtube is a web platform that helps people study strategically on YouTube using systematic and targeted videos void of random distractions.

According to the student developer, 7Youtube means complete YouTube. He justifies that YouTube is very broad with everything in it making it very difficult for one to do targeted studies. One can go on YouTube to learn how to be a web developer and after two to three web development videos he/she ends up switching to comedies, movies due to random video suggestions. 

Seven Communications caught up with the just 2 months into training smart programming student Awa Donacien sited on the ball at his usual position in the Lily computer lab at Seven Academy. We wanted to know about his innovation. This is what he had to say: 

Awa Donacien Mokom, first-year student into full-stack web development, Seven Academy Douala 

“For the past few months, our instructor Mr. Kamdjou Duplex has been able to teach us fundamentals in technologies such as Html5, Css3, Javascript, Ajax, Bootstrap and also how to work with NoSQL databases such as Firebase.”

Said the excited student developer

“During Ajax course, we were taught how to work with API data. We were given an assignment to be submitted the following day so I decided to go on YouTube to learn something very quick and complete my assignment”. He added.

“Unfortunately, instead of concentrating on watching specific Ajax tutorial videos, I ended up being distracted by suggested videos of my favorite music, movies, how to make money online as a developer”. I later realized it was already 3:00 AM and I was busy watching something else on YouTube instead of doing my assignment.

“As a web development student, I decided to solve this problem by using my knowledge in API data to create 7YouTube that can collect specific videos from YouTube and display them accordingly based on the category a user selects”. 

From our due findings and tasting of the web platform Seven Communications discovered that 7YouTube actually solves the problem of randomly displayed videos on YouTube, it displays YouTube videos based only on the category that a user selects.

For example, if you are trying to learn JavaScript and you visit 7YouTube and under the web development section you select JavaScript you will get a list of JavaScript videos on YouTube and not just any video but carefully ordered videos to take you from being a beginner in JavaScript to becoming an expert.

Screenshot of 7Youtube, sample user wants to learn much about Angular (just Angular)

Click here to try out the platform, 7YouTube

“I think I am solving the problem of distraction that we often face on YouTube, and as time goes on I look forward to improving the project”. Awa Donacien.

Awa Donacien is also the brain behind ncovinfo.mpolive. Read more about his COVID-19 platform.

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