6 Careers in Cameroon We Would Never Have Talked About if Not for the Internet


Once upon a particularly unfair time before the 90s, Amazon for many of us was just a river. Today, it is the biggest online store.

Thank Tim Burners-Lee and others for the World Wide Web. 

In those miserable days, to connect with friends, shop, study, or watch a movie, we needed to leave the house and in some cases travel.

But not anymore. Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, JUMIA, Yabadoo are here.

What’s worse? If not for the internet, careers in Cameroon like mine will never have existed. 

If not for these 11 smart guys, the level of unemployment in Cameroon to me would have been worse than the projected 3.90 percent in 2020.

Some 6 Careers in Cameroon that Exist Today Thanks to Internet

Digital Marketers

Top on my list is digital marketers. Not because it is the most important career path but because it concerns me. 

The number of careers in Cameroon you can now follow thanks to digital marketing are growing by the day.

Very common in this field among big companies is the job of Community Manager.

Common titles most talked about by enthusiasts in the field are SEO Specialists.

Others less known but important are content marketers, copywriters, lead generation specialists. The list goes on. 

The bottom line. The majority of freelance marketing consulting services offered in the past few years has been thanks to the internet.

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Web Developers

These are the guys who work at the frontend and backend of what you see when you’re browsing the internet.

Some people refer to them as web designers. But they are more advanced than web designers. 

Anyway, before the internet both had no place. Talking about careers in Cameroon in the internet age, web development stays on top.

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App Developers

The total number of active mobile internet users in Cameroon is estimated at 5.79 million (2019).

And because these mobile users reach the internet through apps, Google Play Store is a term Cameroonians have become very familiar with. 

Consequently, mobile application development has become more of a stable career in Cameroon thanks to the internet.

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Cloud and Software Engineers

Businesses always want to reduce costs. Because they have to stay competitive.

Thanks to the internet and cloud computing, small businesses can now spend less on infrastructure, storage, and software.

To enjoy these benefits, however, they need the expertise of software engineers, software architects, cloud engineers, data engineers. The list goes on.

None of these career paths in Cameroon would have been possible except with the coming of the internet.

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Cyber security

With the internet came exposure. With exposure comes threats. Of recent, almost 2 million Facebook accounts were hacked in Cameroon. Use these two tools to verify if you were Facebooked.

Today, we talk of security analysts, architects, engineers in Cameroon. Without the dark side of the internet, we’ll not be talking about internet security. 

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Bloggers | Influencers

Mass media is for the big and mighty. Today, the internet has democratized media.

Anyone can run a blog from home and compete with established media houses.

You can even run a TV channel on YouTube and reach thousands of Cameroonians just like your local TV station.

What about on-demand online radios called podcasts. In the near future, we’ll start hearing about our own podcasters.

All these careers in Cameroon would not have existed without the internet. 

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How Seven Advanced Academy Promotes Internet Careers in Cameroon

Our CEO, Mrs. Estelle Yomba is Senior Technical Program Manager at Google (Cloud Compute Engine). 

She understands where our economy is going and what we as Cameroonians need to do collectively and individually to contribute.

That’s why she created Seven Advanced Academy and equipped it with professional instructors and standard labs to guarantee quality education that will help you compete at an international level after your studies.

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