Our Five Year Digital Marketing Predictions For Cameroon (2021-2026)

Our Five Year Digital Marketing Predictions For Cameroon (2021-2026)

Hold me personally liable for this. Digital marketing in Cameroon has changed the landscape of marketing forever.

Gone are the days when TAM-TAM weekend, Cameroon Tribune, and Sweet FM were the only ways of reaching a company’s target audience.

According to Statista, over 4.66 billion people worldwide use the internet, as of 2021!

In Cameroon, the number of internet users increased by 570 thousand (+7.8%) between 2019 and 2020. Not to mention that a significant chunk of this online audience is present on social media.

The question now is: what does the future hold? Should you still go ahead to study digital marketing in Cameroon?

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Seven Advanced Academy's Five Year Online Marketing Predictions For Cameroon (2021-2026)

Digital marketing will account for more than 75% of Marketing Budgets in Cameroon

Executives across Cameroon want to know. How much business did the full-page ad on The Post bring in as business? 

How many people saw our Banner at Poste Central in Yaounde? 

How many people interacted with it?

Do we need to print another banner in order to change the dates?

Can we get more data about how our customers are interacting with our marketing?

Is it cheaper to integrate digital marketing in our business strategy?

I think, the more executives question traditional marketing, the more willing they will be to integrate digital marketing in their overall business strategy.

N.B: Your goal as an aspiring digital marketer is not to replace traditional marketing with digital marketing. You are there to integrate digital marketing in their overall business strategy.

Mobile specifically will account for more than 50% of marketing budgets

Mobile marketing as a channel in digital marketing is growing steadily.

According to eMarketer, mobile versus desktop usage stats in the United States in 2018 show that the mobile-only audience will grow to 55.7 million (nearly 19%) by 2022.

Adweek on their part estimates that 79% of smartphone users have their phones on or near them all but two hours a day.

In Cameroon, according to Datareportal, the number of mobile connections in Cameroon in January 2020 was equivalent to 90% of the total population.

As mobile marketing takes center stage in digital marketing, we are going to see SMS/MMS marketing, mobile apps, and responsive design re-emerge.

Earned media will be more important than paid and owned media

For so long in Cameroon, digital marketing has been about paid and owned media. Where did earned media go?

Think of earned media, owned media and paid media like a tripod.

Each element is an important part of the whole and all contribute to a complete digital marketing strategy. The illustration below outlines each element’s role and how they work together to form a cohesive marketing mix.

Earned media as you can see represented above is essentially online word of mouth, usually seen in the form of ‘viral’ tendencies, mentions, shares, reposts, reviews, recommendations, backlinks.

As digital marketing in Cameroon matures, you’ll see more and more companies concentrate on this element (earned media) in their marketing mix. 

Digital marketers in Cameroon will dare into real-time marketing campaigns

During the 2013 Super Bowl in which Alicia Keys sang the national anthem, the Mercedes-Benz Superdome had a 34 minute blackout.

While other companies were asleep, Oreo quickly got to work with their marketing agency 360i to create this tweet.

Immediately, the tweet went viral, amassing thousands of likes and retweets.

The day afterwards, Huffington Post proclaimed that:

“one of the most buzz-worthy ads of the Super Bowl on Sunday wasn’t even a commercial – it was a mere tweet from Oreo during the blackout.”

That’s the power of real-time marketing. Eight years later, we’re talking about it. Citing it as one of the best real-time marketing efforts to date. But such kind of marketing is reserved for bold marketers.

There will be more functions in the digital marketing department to fill

One example I like to cite is that of Webmasters.

We don’t hear a lot about this profession again. Today, there are front-end developers, back-end developers, and even UI/UX designers. Ten years ago, all of them fell under the competence of a webmaster.

In fact, an employer was surprised if a webmaster said he/she could repair a computer or connect it to a network.

However, this is not the case anymore. Employers understand that today, they need a specialist for every facet of web development.

This will be the same for Digital marketing. The term digital marketing will not disappear. But employers will understand that they need: a community manager; an SEO Expert; a Content Marketer; a PPC specialist; a Copywriter etc. etc.

Consequently, the number of digital marketing agencies will continue to grow because it will be less costly for small businesses to outsource than to recruit an entire digital marketing team. 

About Our Digital Marketing Course

Our digital marketing course was designed for three kinds of people:

  • Aspiring digital marketers who want to get a job after graduation.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to logically implement digital marketing in their businesses.
  • And finally for those who want to get into the business of digital marketing consulting. 

In our training, you’ll be able to design a strategy from end-to-end. At the end of this course, you’ll be able to coordinate the digital marketing efforts of an organization.

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