Frequently Asked Questions

We have collected a list of questions commonly asked about our courses and our operations. We hope you can find an answer among these else drop us a note and we will be ready to assist you immediately.

Seven Academy was conceived by engineers working in the silicon valley as a hub for skilled professionals to share with aspiring developers in Africa in order to create more talented developers in Africa. It was officially launched in September 2018 in Cameroon and authorized by ORDER N°-011/MINEFOP/SG/DFOP/SDGSFISACD du/of-19 JAN 2018.

Seven Academy is a first-class IT training institute that provides in-demand IT skills that will enable you leverage all opportunities in the job and entrepreneurial markets.

Seven Academy is located in Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon precisely opposite Hotel Serena Bali, 2nd-floor SMID building.

You can study IT programs such as Full-stack Web Development, Android App Development, Cybersecurity, Digital Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, Project Management, Computer Networks, Business Intelligence, Database Administration, and take certification programs in IT. See certification page on the menu bar.

You need to have at least an Advanced Level Certificate, Baccalaureate. Then, you need to have a strong passion for IT.

Once you have chosen your training program, you will pay a non-refundable pre-registration fee of 20,000frs. Provide a clear photocopy of your National ID Card. Clear photocopy of your birth certificate. Clear photocopy of your highest degree/diploma or most recent academic transcript or Provide any other professional certificate obtained (Optional).

You need good access to the internet. You need an excellent learning computer (8GB RAM, 500GB HDD, WebCam, dedicated graphics memory). Be involved in an active tech community. Have an inspiring and innovative study environment. Parents should give you enough time to do more practicals at home. Be passionate, and not easily give up. Be well informed about changing world technologies. Have a developer’s spirit (work/study hard at night).

Classes run in a spaced out and constant time table. There are two sessions a day. Morning session (9:00 AM to 1: 00 PM). Evening session (5:00 PM to 8: 00 PM). Three days a week. 4hours a day. 2years to complete a certification program. 12 months of intensive practical training in the lab divided into 4 levels. Each level has 3 months of course validation and exams. Six months for professional internship provided by us. Six months to submit a final year project, then, graduation.

We are different, first, because we practiced what we preach -quality education. Our management is top in the field of IT made up of senior engineers in silicon valley, USA. Our founder Estelle Yomba is Senior Technical Program Manager at Google. So, we master what we teach. We train only in well-equipped computer labs. Every lab has 30 computers for 30 students, unlimited internet, projectors, and other gadgets. We are innovative and continuously update our curriculum based on standard industry norms. Our instructors are bilingual, young, and smart, with hands-on experience in their field of specialty. We train and offer jobs to all our smart graduates, not by words but in practice. We are highly recognized by big bodies in the world like EC-council, PECB, Papersoft, 10.000Codeurs, Strathmore University, and big companies in Cameroon. We sponsor students’ projects through incubation once they are problem-solving and scalable. We focus on answering the question: What can you do? Rather than Who are you?

Become a First-class IT student today by joining the leading IT training institute in CEMAC. SEVEN ADVANCED ACADEMY Talk to our Admission department: WhatsApp: +237 658066982