Vocational Training vs. University Education: Choosing Your Path


Vocational Training vs. University Education: Choosing Your Path in Cameroon


The GCE Advanced Level and the Baccalauréat are out. Your parents and seniors are advising. While you listen, this is the time to seriously think for yourself.

As you may already know, you are at the crossroads: vocational training or university education. Each route presents a distinct array of possibilities. The best decision will take into account your career aspirations and individual inclinations.

Let’s delve into the realms of vocational training and university education to help you make an informed choice.

Vocational Training: Practical Skills for Specific Trades

Defining Vocational Training

Vocational training, also referred to as career or technical education, emphasizes equipping students with targeted skills and knowledge tailored for entry into a specific trade or profession. In Cameroon, vocational training is regulated by the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training abbreviated in French  MINEFOP.

Typical specializations in business are trades like Nursing, Customs brokerage, Insurance, Secretariat Duties etc. etc.

However, more and more digitally oriented programs are being introduced for instance Web Development, Cybersecurity, Digital Marketing, Graphics Design to name a few.

Advantages of Vocational Education

Practical Training

At professional or vocational schools, most often instructors are professionals in the domain. This is very important if the goal is to transfer specific entry-level job skills to students.  

Entry Requirements

The majority of vocational schools do not have strict academic entry requirements. This is because, for many jobs, even with a solid educational background, you will eventually become proficient at it with time as you learn on the job. 

Accelerated Career Entry

The standout merit of vocational training lies in its ability to fast-track you into the workforce. A good illustration is software development where a bootcamp like Coding Dojo can transform a student into a junior software engineer within as little as six months.

Furthermore, vocational training often forges robust connections with local industries, facilitating seamless transitions into employment post-graduation. This is the case with Coding Dojo for instance. 84 percent of our graduates find tech jobs within six months of finishing, while 91 percent find a job within a year. Our partnership with Coding Dojo brings these opportunities to students in CEMAC.

Drawback of Vocational Training

Vocational training does have its limitations. The biggest being that this kind of education tends to channel individuals into more specialized careers, lacking the versatility that comes with a university education. 

University Education: Broad Knowledge Base and Versatility

Exploring University Education

University education imparts a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills, emphasizing a holistic understanding of various subjects. In Cameroon, the majority of university programs are completed within three years in which students graduate with a bachelor’s degree. Popular disciplines encompass fields like business, engineering, education, and liberal arts.

Advantage of University Education

Versatile Career Prospects

A pivotal merit of a modern and up to date university education curriculum lies in its potential to pave the way for versatile and potentially higher-paying careers. After a university education, the range of job opportunities and earning potential that a university degree affords often eclipses the specialization of vocational training. Moreover, the comprehensive skill set acquired equips graduates to adapt to different industries and pivot careers with greater ease.

Drawback of University Education in Cameroon

Over the years, university education in Cameroon, especially in public universities has been criticized for its outdated curriculums that don’t reflect the modern day job market. That’s why it is common in our country to see university graduates who come back to vocational schools seeking practical job skills. 

Making the Choice: University Education or Vocational Training? 

Personal Aspirations and Circumstances

The choice between vocational training and university education hinges on your unique career aspirations and circumstances. A clear understanding of your goals, preferred learning style, and financial situation is essential in guiding your decision.

Vocational Training is Ideal If:

  • You seek swift entry into the workforce with practical skills.
  • Hands-on learning appeals to you more than theoretical studies.
  • You have a specific field in mind and aim to acquire specialized expertise.

University Education is a Strong Fit If:

  • A versatile career path and broad knowledge base align with your goals.
  • You aspire to roles requiring a solid theoretical foundation.
  • You anticipate changing fields or pursuing advanced degrees (Masters, PhD) in the future.

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