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Co-op Program

The Co-op program within our five-month digital marketing course aims to offer students practical, hands-on experience in real-world digital marketing settings.

Program Overview

Designed with you in mind. As a participant, you shall gain invaluable industry insights, practical skills, and professional connections.

Program Objectives

The main objective is to bridge the gap between theoretical learning and practical application.

Program Structure

Students will alternate between classroom and our agency - SevenDMA every two weeks.

Eligibility Criteria

To be admitted into the program, applicants must hold at least an O/L Certificate or BEPC.

Program Duration

The entire digital marketing Co-op program is designed to run for a period of five months.

More About the Digital Marketing Co-op

Student Eligibility, Fees and Application Process:

To participate in the Co-op program, students must register for 10.000 FCFA and be enrolled in our five-month digital marketing course which costs 300,000 FCFA. Interested students will need to submit an application expressing their interest in the Co-op program. Selections will be based on academic performance, motivation, and readiness for professional experience.

Assessment and Evaluation:

Students' performance during the work term will be assessed based on their contributions to projects, professionalism, adaptability, and acquired skills. Both the placement supervisors at SevenDMA and the Administration here at the Academy will provide evaluations and feedback.

Real-World Application:

Partnering with companies specializing in "Made in Cameroon" products, our Co-op program offers students the chance to immediately apply classroom theory to real projects.


Expert Guidance: Benefit from mentorship by SevenDMA's experienced digital marketing professionals. Their diverse project management expertise ensures adept support through every challenge.

Practical Curriculum:

Hands-On Learning: Our curriculum is designed for practicality. From day one, students acquire the skills necessary to excel in projects for our esteemed partners.

Networking Opportunities:

Career Growth: Through our collaboration with JabaSpace, students gain access to exclusive industry events, fostering valuable connections for future career prospects.

Financial Considerations:

The Co-op program is paid. For every project the student works on, they shall be paid 10,000 FCFA per month. However, the invaluable experience gained during the placement is considered an investment in students' future careers. There are no additional fees associated with the Co-op program.

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