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LocationDouala Bali, Opposite Hotel Serena, CM

05 June 2019 2.00-5.00PM

Young Tech lovers meet at Seven Academy to brainstorm on solving country’s basic problems using technology

Young Tech lovers meet at Seven Academy to brainstorm on solving country’s basic problems using technology

Yesterday August 8, 2019 some Young Tech lovers from Buea, Bamenda and Yaounde met at Seven Advanced Academy campus in Douala to brainstorm on solving the country’s basic problems using technology.

The brainstorming session started at 11 am with 10 problems commonly found in the community identified. Out of the 10 basic problems, 5 were voted to be deliberated upon including: 

  • Corruption

  • Waste management

  • Voting systems

  • Poor academic orientation

  • Road traffic 

Talking to Seven communications, the facilitator of the workshop Mr  Longtchi Emmanuel, said “the main objective was to teach the youngsters what brainstorming is all about how to think out on pertinent questions and the impact of brainstorming”.

“That is why after selecting the 5 problems from the children we presented the methodology of brainstorming to them which is: 

  • Defining the problem

  • Outlining instances of the problem

  • Understanding why it is a real problem

  • Proposing solutions and in this case where we are talking about solving problems using technology, we stimulated the children on how they can implement a technological solution on the problem brainstormed upon ``. Added the calm entrepreneur 

After a break of refreshment, the young tech enthusiasts at 5pm had the occasion to be introduced into Design Thinking, a very exciting course taught at Seven Academy that permits students understand all about business product development, how to design a product that is customer centric.

The children were so elated as Seven Academy’s seasoned tutor Mr Aboubakar Kouotou schooled them through the basics of the profitable course Design Thinking.

In a satisfactory tone, Mr Kouotou noted after the workshop:


“it was an exciting experience! The children were so smart and interesting! I think if they keep being exposed to such an environment and content of learning, they will do wonders in our communities”.

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