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LocationDouala Bali, Opposite Hotel Serena, CM

05 June 2019 2.00-5.00PM

Managing a facebook business page

Managing a facebook business page could give you a lot of insights about your client behaviors. Come and learn how to do so efficiently using the modern digital tools that wll enable you boost your business. This event is normally charged at a fee of 5000 CFA, however, with our network of partners supporting the event, we are able to deliver the course for free for the first five registrars. The rest will be expected to pay a fee worth 25% less the attendance fee.

If you are going to be able to run successful campaigns for other businesses beyond your line of operation, you need to be aware of the techniques and tools used today to pull traffic and create important conversions for your product or service. This skill is capital for your competitive advantage and today many more enterprises are using this to get ahead of the competition at the very basic level of competition.