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7 Skills You Must Have in 2020 to Land a Digital Marketing Job in Cameroon [From My Experience]

Do you want a digital marketing job in Cameroon? I can help you with that. The best part? I’ll not only talk about the skills. I’ll break it down to our Cameroon context.

So I’ll not include advanced skills and growth strategies like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality. We can talk about that in another post. Rather, I’ll talk about skills you probably already know but I’ll give you my personal angle on them from my experience.  

In short, if a digital marketing job in Cameroon is the career path you want to follow but you lack someone to guide you in the right direction, this article is for you. 

My name is Emile Weyi. Digital Marketing Instructor here at Seven Academy.

Let’s get started.

The Seven Skills You Need to Overperform in any Digital Marketing Job in Cameroon

  1. Strategy and Planning Skills

If you can’t strategize and plan, you’ll certainly work as an assistant while strategy and planning is done by your manager.

But as an assistant, you need to watch what your manager does carefully. 

For me, everything boils down to tools. Before I take a consulting job, I start with a brief. In the brief, I gather all the necessary information I need from the prospective client. Their business goals, buyer personas, customer journey are what I focus on.

I use this brief to do my research. At the strategic level, I list all the growth strategies I need. I consider how difficult it will be to buy in the various stakeholders (managers, web developers, designers, sales etc. etc.). Then, I put all of them on paper. 

In my experience, your ability to communicate and buy-in stakeholders is the most essential skill you need. If you can’t sell your solution to them, it will be difficult to implement a great strategy.  

  1. Content Marketing Skills

Articles, videos, podcasts, infographics, ebooks are part of the long lists of content you should be able to create. The good news is that all of them follow the same principles. For instance. Whether I'm writing a blog post, video script or email, I follow this same technique: "AIDA."

A = Attention

I = Interest

D = Desire

A = Action.

I love content marketing because of how different it is to traditional marketing: While traditional marketing sells a product, content marketing sells the idea of your product. Pretty much Steve Job’s kind of marketing right?

Here is my advice for you:

Start reading everything. When you an article or listen to a YouTube video, steal the style of the author. Don’t copy. Then practice. And practice. Write and submit to a blog you follow. Get feedback. Join a group (Facebook, Linkedin) of people who share your passion. Start building your portfolio today.

  1. Conversion Optimization Skills

Digital marketing, inbound marketing, online marketing. Whatever you choose to call it. You must know how it works - "The Process."

The old Hubspot inbound marketing methodology is my favorite. This is how I like to write the formula: A + C + C + D = IM. Where:

A = Attract

C = Convert

C = Close (Sale)

D = Delight

IM = Inbound Marketing.

how Hubspot's methodology helps you to get a digital marketing job in Cameroon

The new methodology looks different: Attract > Engage > Delight.

How the Hubspot Flywheel will help you get a digital marketing job in Cameroon

Even if "convert" is hidden in the details of this new flywheel (methodology), conversion or lead generation skills are a must-have in this profession. Conversion is basically a process in place to get potential customer information for later followup. Master these skills and you’ll over-deliver in any digital marketing job here in Cameroon.

  1. SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is now a buzz word. Everybody is into it. You should get into it too. You’ll hear experts talk about Keywords and Long Tail Keywords. You should learn them. They are very important.

But here is how I want you to look at SEO. Attack SEO from three angles: the side of the robot, the side of the reader and the side of your customer.

When you create content for Google’s robots, know how much to feed them. A balanced diet is your best bet. Meta tags, Headlines, Voice Search, Featured Snippet, Positive Footprint, Keyword density etc. etc. are what you should make up the recipe. 

On the other hand, If you concentrate too much on the robots, you’ll give the reader a bad experience. To balance things up, you need storytelling.

At the extreme end, your boss or client as the case may be will want you to put features over benefits. It’s up to you to explain why benefits beat features in digital marketing.

  1. Social Media + Advertising 

Social Media is another buzz word. Something different you can bring to the table when it comes to social media is Automation, Chatbots, Advertising.

As a community manager in Cameroon, you need to know how to automate. A tool like Buffer will post for you across multiple platforms thereby freeing up time so you may concentrate on engagements. The challenge here is to prepare a good number of posts to schedule.

Chatbots automate messenger. You feed them with possible questions and varieties of answers so they can respond to customers on Facebook without human intervention. While you may think this is bizarre, you’ll find out that using a chatbot will force you to dig deep into your customers' minds. You’ll be able to solve in advance many negative scenarios. 

Advertising skills (Facebook Advertising, LinkedIn Advertising) are all essential. A new angle you can give to Facebook Advertising is by using Facebook Business Manager that allows you to use Facebook Pixels to create custom audiences and track conversions. With custom audiences, you upload contacts you have on Facebook so Facebook can super target your advertisement.  

  1. Email Marketing

Some years back, the internet was filled with this sentence: email marketing is dead. Others argued it was not.

Well, it is not.

You should be able to gather email addresses, create automated workflows, distinguish between Marketing Qualified Leads and Sales Qualified Leads.

You should know how to prospect with email and followup with email.    

  1. Read and Interpret Data

The world of digital marketing is all about data. You must be able to read analytics and prepare detailed reports.

You should be able to justify your to your boss return on investment. What more can I say.

Take your digital marketing career in Cameroon to the next level with our Digital Marketing Professional Program.  Our program is designed to give you all the tools you need to excel and over-deliver in the Cameroon job market.

Other Skills You Need to Take Your Digital Marketing Career in Cameroon to the Next Level 

  • Website design

  • Basic HTML

  • Basic Javascript

  • Video Marketing

  • Mobile Marketing

  • Google Ads/PPC

  • Google Analytics

  • Email Marketing

  • WordPress & Website Management

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