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7 Reasons to Study Web Development in Cameroon at Seven Advanced Academy

Study web development in Cameroon. Get a job in Cameroon. Compete internationally! That’s an opportunity.

And you know what Richard Branson says about opportunity?

“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you’re not sure you can do it, say YES! Then learn how to do it later.”

7 Unbiased Reasons You Should Study Web Development in Cameroon at Seven Academy  

  1. Study web development in Cameroon because it is the fastest-growing profession 

Research shows that employment of web developers is projected to grow 13 percent from 2018 to 2028. This is much faster than the average for all occupations.

Demand in Cameroon just like elsewhere in the world is driven by the growing popularity of smartphones (internet penetration rate stands at 35.65 percent).

  1. We Offer not just web development but Full Stack Web Development

Specialization is great.

But you’ll have better opportunities in the Cameroon job market if you have skills in both frontend and backend web development.

In 12 months before your final capstone exam, you’ll have completed enough lessons and practicals to compete for a variety of skills and positions both in frontend and backend web application development. 

Also important is the fact that the program is designed to give you the necessary qualities our partners in Silicon Valley and Cameroon ask from our students. 

You’ll learn how to concentrate, unleash your creativity, listen to customers, and pay attention to details.   

  1. Our Trainers 

One of our core values is resourcefulness. That’s what our stakeholders expect from our Mentors. 

Mr. Kamdjou Temfack Duplex is willing to go the extra mile to see you succeed in your tech career.  While it is not a requirement to have a background in mathematics or computer engineering to take this program, Mr. Kamdjou will help you digest seemingly difficult topics with ease. You'll find his experience working on projects like the Mifos-X project and Apache OED invaluable throughout your training. Connect with him on LinkedIn and on Bproo.com.

Our Trainers are also bilingual. All of them teach in both French and English.

  1. Our training labs 

The environment in which you study plays an important role in your education. At Seven, our students have access to two international standard labs.

Both the Lily and Rose labs are equipped with 62 iMac computers all 23 inches connected to reliable and fast internet. Our Trainers are equipped with quality training projectors and gadgets.

All these because Management wants to make your stay here at Seven a memorable experience. This is the kind of environment you need to study web development in Cameroon. 

  1. Emphasis on practical projects (7YouTube)

18-year-old Awa Donacien Mokom, first-year student in web development discovers a new way of studying on Youtube

We invite you to study web development in Cameroon at Seven because our program is one of a kind.

The curriculum was drafted from scratch with the idea to give you practical skills that will either help you get a job or create a business for yourself.

Three months into this program, 18-year-old Awa Donacien Mokom built 7Youtube which has been acclaimed by engineers at Google. Read his story here.

  1. Work at SevenGPS

There is a difference between SevenGPS and Andela. While Andela trains for specific skills for specific projects, Seven Academy and SevenGPS on the other hand trains for industry-wide skills. That's why we prefer a full-stack web development training for instance.

So after your education, choose the path you want: work at SevenGPS, work for another company, or work for yourself. 

  1. The vision of the CEO

Mme Estelle Yomba in an interview with Mimi Mefo shared her vision for education in Cameroon.

She understands what it means to study in professional schools here in Cameroon. Where curriculums don’t match the reality in the job market. But yet you are expected to compete at an international level because that’s the definition of her personal story

She can’t wait to see students especially women from Seven Academy secure jobs directly at SevenGPS after they complete their various programs.

See what positions she occupied in Silicon Valley, United States before her current position as Senior Technical Program Manager at Google Compute Engine

Visit estelleyomba.com. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Now you have it: All 7 Strong Reasons to Study Web Development in Cameroon at Seven Advanced Academy