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Course Features

Lectures 80
Quizzes 100
Duration 2 years [or 1 year Fast Track]
Skill Level Beginner
Students 50
Certificate Yes
Assessments Yes

CategoryWeb Design

Enrolled:20 Students Enrolled

Course Time:02 Years


Just like any other natural resource, the world is running out of developers. Cameroon engineers in the Silicon Valley, United States understand this problem
Wix, Weebly, Squarespace are not a complete solution to the problem.

In fact, it is predicted that by the year 2026, more than 253 000 new software development roles will be created in the United States alone.


These platforms are good for “web designers.” But they are too limited for major web development projects.
That's why you still need to know the real stakes involved in web development and there is that one professional school in Cameroon that has come to help you know and do this.

In fact, it is predicted that by the year 2026, more than 253 000 new software development roles will be created in the United States alone.
Looking for a place to study Web Development in Cameroon?

Introducing Seven Advanced Academy

Enjoy our two top-notch laboratories with a capacity of 30 persons per lab. Both are equipped with 62.23 inch iMac computers, training projectors, and gadgets. This environment is set up to permit our students to study technology in accordance with what is required at the international level.
This is the standard environment to guarantee productivity and quality training.
Our paramount goal is to make you an oh-so Full-Stack Web Developer.

What You Will Study in this Program:

  • 01Front-end Fundamentals
  • 02Front-end Advanced and
  • 03Back-end Web Development.

At week 38 and 39 before your final capstone exam, you’ll study:

  • 04Entrepreneurship
  • 05Product Management
  • 06Marketing

Who is your Instructor?

Mr. Fon E. Noel NFEBE, Training Supervisor and Director of Full-Stack Web Development at Seven Academy.
He is an Engineering mentor with a background in Computer Engineering, a track record in Open Source, a Google Summer of Code Veteran, Technical Publisher and Digital Normad.

From Our Instructor

Web development is broad to learn on your own. Some schools will tell you to concentrate either on the client-side or server-side.
At Seven Advanced Academy, we do both. That is why we call it Full-Stack.
However, teaching Full Stack Web Development is not easy. New programs and technologies pop up every day and the temptation you’ll face is trying to learn everything.
We intentionally divided our program into four modules.
Personally, I put a lot of emphasis on Javascript across all four modules because I know it is an essential program to do well here at Seven and in the market.
Also, I come from an engineering background with strong mathematical skills. And while these are not compulsory requirements to get into this program or to complete the program, I know how to take you around them easily even if your math skills are not good.
I go as far as teaching my students SEO. Not because it is a requirement for the program but because I know it will help them make passive income and their works stand out when they meet customers after training.
Join us now. Come to Seven Academy, share with me your difficulties and I’ll help you fast.
Programming should be easy to understand once you have the passion and you meet the real mentor.
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between learning at school and studying online?

There are enough resources available online in 2020 for self-study. But learning to code is HARD. Teaching yourself is even HARDER, not easy. An experienced teacher or mentor on the other hand will make coding UNDERSTANDABLE. That’s why our e-learning training on Full-stack is not pre-recorded. It’s live. The only difference, you’ll not be in a physical classroom.

Will I get a job after my studies?

Employment rate for this profession is high. Nonetheless, through our partners, we guarantee paid internships so you can apply what you’ve learned, build your portfolio, and grow your professional network.

Hear from Our Students

I love the way my instructor Mr. Olouge Eya explains things, plus the notes with links and extra information. Shei Bertrand Ngala
The program is well structured. It makes both frontend and backend development easy to complete in six months. Dzekewong Karlson Fonyuy

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