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Our Admission Process

One of our principal objectives is to be able to make our courses as accessible as possible to everyone irrespective of gender, culture, race, religion, faith or political convictions. We want to be ale to support as many people as possible for we believe in equal opportunity and quality education for all. Without wanting to lose certain standards, we however require certain minimum criteria for some of our courses. Most courses however, do not necessarily need these pre-requisites.

At Seven Advanced Academy, we are committed to the success of our students. By ensuring our apprentices understand our high expectations and are prepared for the rigorous nature of our program, we are able to accept and graduate students who are equipped to succeed in the workforce. Our students have a High Drive and High Aptitude, Strong analytical skills, Excellent problem solving skills, are Intrinsically motivated, Patient and persevering.


Filling out the application kicks off the admissions process. There is no obligation for filling out this form. It simply gets you into our system so an enrollment counselor can contact you and help facilitate this new chapter in your life.

Please be mindful that as a program created by professionals to prepare professionals, we take into account all interactions with our staff, whether by phone, email, chat or in-person meetings. Our admissions process is similar to a job interview process, and it is a good idea as a prospective apprentice to approach it with the same consideration that you would give an employer.

If your application is pre-selected, you will be required to pay a registration fee (20,000 CFA) to complete the application process and to submit the following documents:

  • 01Clear photocopy of your National ID Card
  • 02Clear photocopy of your birth certificate
  • 03Clear photocopy of your highest degree/diploma or most recent academic transcript
  • 04Any other professional certificate obtained (Optional)


An admission interview is conducted with one of our enrollment counselors. This interview is the first real impression we have of you as an applicant. As part of our focus on professional conduct, we expect our applicants to show their interest and commitment to learning to code via timely responses to scheduling and approaching the process with enthusiasm!

During the interview, we will cover any questions you might have about the program as well as ask some of our own. Our goal is to ensure that you as an applicant understand what our challenging programs offer (and what you are getting yourself into).

After that, we will then study your application as submitted via the admission form and you will be notified either by phone or via email if you qualify within 2 to 3 business days.


If you are selected for admission, you will be required to start paying your tuition before the training begins. We expect to receive your tuition in three installments during the first year. If however, you need to pay on a different installment schedule, you need to visit the administrative desk at our main campus for further information.

We run orientation sessions every Saturday from 10 am at our main campus in Bali. You will learn more about our programs, ask all the questions and get all the answers during these sessions. They are a good way to get oriented about what it takes to complete a program at Seven Academy.

Course Requirement

  • 01GCE 'A' Levels or BAC
  • 02Basic use of a computer
  • 03Reading and writing proficiency in any of the national languages (English or French)
  • 04Available to learn on campus for 4-6 hours per day for 3 days each week
  • 05Aged 12+